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Happy Mother’s Day! I hope this blog encourages all mom’s who read it today.

The Bible has a description of the ideal mom. It’s in Proverbs 31. Proverbs 31 is a popular chapter for women’s Bible studies. Since I spent many years teaching women’s Bible studies, I have taught and discussed this passage many times. The Proverbs 31 embodies all that is good in a woman’s role in her family. This ideal woman has helped many women set goals of excellence in their role of homemaker.

I am a mom that set goals of excellence. Many times I achieved the goals. Many times I failed miserably. Most of the time, I plugged away day by day with the help of the Lord. One of the lessons I learned early on was not to expect the children to rise up and call me blessed until the end of the chapter.

Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I kept my household. I cooked good food. I provided clothing, even sewing some of it. I watched over finances so we would not worry about the future. I shared the wisdom that I had and showed kindness. Many times this seemed unappreciated. I just kept telling myself to pursue God. It is at the end of the chapter that the children rise up and call her blessed.

Well, my children are grown. They have moved on and are building their own families. They are wonderful people who love Jesus and serve Him. Their spouses are equally wonderful. I am truly thankful for them.

As I celebrated another birthday, I reflected over the years and how God had worked through them. I am so thankful that God helped me to focus on the end game. I am glad that he had included verse 28 in Proverbs 31, “Her children rise up and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:28, ESV). There was a reward at the end of the mission

I received some wonderful gifts. One of them was this beautiful wall hanging that my son and daughter-in-law made for me.

created by Robby and Kelly

created by Robby and Kelly

They had no idea that I had spent years trying to get to the end of the chapter. I am not sure if they knew that this gift would be a daily reminder of a successful missionary journey. I hope they know that this was an answer to prayer. For me, this will be an ongoing reminder that God fulfills his plans through us and that he always keeps his promises. And how wonderful that he gives us a mission that is so much fun and so rewarding. God is good!

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