He Will Hold my Hand as I Cross the Parking Lot Safely

“For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”” (Isaiah 41:13, ESV)

I often mistake the fact that I am middle-aged with the thought that I am mature. It is hard to admit and quite humbling, but sometimes I act like a two-year-old. I was thinking about my granddaughter and her funny two-year-old ways when the Lord pointed out that I acted the same way sometimes.

One day I asked my granddaughter if I could carry her in the parking lot.

She said, “No!”

I asked if I could hold her hand as we walked across the parking lot.

She said, “No!”

I told her that she had to hold someone’s hand since she is small and there were a lot of cars around. I explained that they could hurt her. Her solution made me laugh. She said she would hold her own hand. She clasped her hands together and started walking. Of course, I was right beside her, sticking as closely as I could while she asserted her independence.

A few days after this incident, I was listening to music. One of the songs on the playlist was “You Raise Me Up.” One of the lines really hit me hard. “I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be.” ¹

I thought about my insolence. I realized that to my shame I had rejected help from the Almighty God He asked if he could pick me up. I said, “No!” He asked to hold my hand. Instead of choosing safety and security, I walked along holding my own hand. He allowed me to do it myself. He laughed and walked closely beside me so he could pick me up when I fall.

He doesn’t want me to get hurt, but he will allow me to throw my tantrums. All the while, he sticks close by so he can protect me from disaster. He grabs me and pulls me back when I get ahead of him. He encourages me along when I lag behind. He watches over me, but I do miss out on some things.

When I let him carry me, good things happen. If I had been content to ride on his shoulders, I would have conserved energy. I would have avoided scrapes and bruises that I got from falling down. Also, the view is better. I could have seen farther ahead. I might have known more about where I was headed and may have seen the obstacles in my way before I came upon them. I would have had his perspective on life.

I do not want to continue to act immaturely. It would be safer for me to rely on God rather than to assert my independence. I know I cannot live successfully on my own. I know it is dangerous to run off on my own. I also know it is lonely to hold my own hand. My goal this week is to remember that God will “raise me up…to more than I can be”. I just have to quit fighting and let him carry me. I have to humble myself and allow him to help. I have to quit acting like I’m two!

1. Groban, Josh. You Raise Me up. Provident Label Group, 2004. CD.

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