I Have My Beliefs and I Consider the Facts: I’m Pro-Life

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3, NIV)

I had three blogs started, but sadly they have disappeared from my computer. I liked them too. I am not sure if I will rewrite them all or not. They all stemmed from my grief over pro-choice arguments that I have heard this past couple of weeks. The tensions have been obvious on social media. We have also seen the stark contrast in ideologies in the mainstream media and their coverage of the recent marches in Washington D.C.

I am sure that it will not come as any surprise to those that know me that I am pro-life. I believe that God is the creator and that he creates each person in his image. All life is intrinsically valuable and should be respected. Human life is different because we have been set apart to live in the likeness of the Holy God of the Universe, to glorify and enjoy him forever.

Space and my limited knowledge prohibit me from giving an exhaustive explanation of this subject. From what I do know and understand from Scripture, I value all human life even that of the unborn. I have also looked at the facts about abortion and have determined that it is unhealthy for a society to condone the mass murder of any segment of the population. I understand that people disagree, but I thought that most had their beliefs and then looked at the facts.

It seems to me that many have not considered the facts. One woman on Facebook argued that maybe we should focus on gun control. Her reason was that it is “100 times easier to get a gun, which by the way kill a lot more people than abortions”.

The facts hadn’t played a part in her decision making. She hadn’t even learned the facts. According to bradycampaign.org, 93 people die every day from gun violence in the United States. That is no small problem, and we should be addressing any and all violence in our society. But, according to the World Health Organization, 3000 unborn babies die from abortions every day in the United States. Worldwide there are 125,000 abortions per day. The facts are that abortions kill far more people than gun violence.

I shared this information with someone the other night. When I spoke of the marches and my frustration with the huge number of abortions that are committed each day, a friend said, “You don’t want most of those babies born anyway. Their lives will suck. Most aren’t wanted. They’ll live in poverty, and they’ll end up on welfare and in jail.” I cried. Again the facts do not line up with this line of thinking. But my thoughts on this so-called statement of fact would require a lengthy dissertation, and I do not have space in this blog.

Next blog, I will share some of my thoughts on that view, though.

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